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My name is Eduardo Pereira, proud owner of Professional Stone Work.
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Brick Walkways

Using bricks to build your home’s walkway adds an elegant touch to your home that is unmatched by concrete or asphalt. Plus, with bricks you can have a wide variety of patterns and designs, which is not possible if we use flagstones.

Bricks are available in such a wide range of colors; they can complement virtually any home’s color scheme.

We can build your walkway on a mortar bed on a concrete footing (wet method) or in a sand bed over a gravel base (dry method). In our brick installations, we also include permanent edging materials, such as heavier bricks set on end or special wood beams.

If your walkway goes around a tree, we can create a circle around the tree with bricks or we can turn your walkway using a gentle curve. We can even widen certain sections where you can put your garden furniture or potted plants. We can work with curved, round, and free-formed shapes with an edging of bricks set in a small concrete footing.

Brick Walkway (Stone work by Professional Stone Work, Silver Spring, MD 20906)