Outdoor living spaces will continue to be popular for many years to come. A backyard pool & fountains can add a charming show of cascading water to your space. If it’s tastefully done, it can potentially increase the resale value of your property by up to 15%. In the long term, this is a wise investment that you would certainly benefit from financially.

With the help of expert builders at Professional Stone Work, you can also add comfortable eating and sitting places for you and your guests to socialize. So where do you turn when you’re ready to liven up your outdoor area?

Here’s how we can help you eliminate the boredom in your backyard and create an exciting living space:

Completed Pool and Fountain
Completed Pool and Fountain
  1. Unlimited Options
    You can create a special retreat in your backyard with the almost infinite variety of themes using backyard pool & fountains available at Professional Stone Work. Now you can ditch the stark white concrete design and choose from our range of exciting, natural flagstone and other products. The new trend for pools is to add the calming ingredient of cascading water, whether it flows from a rock waterfall or a fountain located in a dipping pool.
  2. Classic Elegance
    Brick pavers, blue stones and other natural products have become more popular for backyard pool & fountains construction. Homeowners are also incorporating outdoor kitchens, and other homey features that convert the pool area into a more comfortable living space. The well-trained stone builders at Professional Stone Work will provide you with an outdoor living area that you can be proud of.
  3. Backyard Basics
    Backyard pool & fountains can be uniting features that will help to bring all the other components of your outdoor space together. From birdbaths to cascades to the traditional tiered option, our outdoor fountains come in an almost limitless range of designs with loads of different features. Even if you have limited space, we can install smaller water features that will work perfectly in your backyard.
  4. Outstanding Design
    Our backyard pool & fountains are custom-designed to go well with your landscape and improve the general look of your outdoor space. We ensure that whatever the shape you opt for, it doesn’t make the area look overused and thus, crowded.
  5. Focal Points
    Beauty, privacy, safety and convenience are some of the concerns to bear in mind when landscaping around your backyard pool & fountains. Our stone patios provide not only beauty, but also safety for your swimming pool and other water features. You will be assured of a slip resistant surface where you and your family can feel safe playing and having fun.
  6. We are the professionals when it comes to backyard pool & fountains. Professional Stone Work will do the job right the very first time, saving you a lot of time and money in the long run. Don’t take shortcuts with your backyard pool & fountains. This will lead to a lot of extra expense, as mistakes will eventually have to be corrected by professionals like us.

    Completed Pool and Fountain
    Completed Pool and Fountain