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Repairing Your Flagstone Patio, Flagstone Walkway or Steps

Your flagstone patio or walkway can get damaged and may need repair due to several reasons. Most often in our line of work we see many incorrectly done flagstones work. Sometimes even if a flagstones work was done properly it may need repair due to age or exposure to weather elements.
Flagstone walkway with 

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Hardscape Tree Rings

In addition to being an attractive design element, a stone border circling a tree is quite a practical structure in several different ways. It protects the tree trunk from contact with lawn mowers and edge trimmers. It also corrals mulch from spreading to the lawn.

Depending on the height of the border and the material

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The usage gazebos was started in Egypt 5000 yeas back when it was the symbol of the royalty. Depending on your specific requirement a backyard Gazebo can act as a Garden Pavilion, Children’s Playhouse, Potting and Garden Shed or an Entertainment Pavilion.

We can buy, assemble and setup gazebos to fit every outdoor occasion

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Flagstone Steps

Flagstones are stones, which are cut to form a shallow, flat slab. They are commonly cut from stones that are easily split such as limestone, granite, and sandstone. They are often used as pavers for patios and paths. However they also make excellent materials for building steps.

They are available in several different thicknesses and can

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Flagstone Patios

Among the various natural stones, flagstone is an ideal material for your patio. They are quite durable and has the natural non-slip surface. They also come in a wide range of colors, from red and brown to pink, green, gold and beige, so we can coordinate with virtually any color scheme you desire. Finally flagstones

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Brick Walkways

Using bricks to build your home’s walkway adds an elegant touch to your home that is unmatched by concrete or asphalt. Plus, with bricks you can have a wide variety of patterns and designs, which is not possible if we use flagstones.

Bricks are available in such a wide range of colors; they can complement

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Brick Patios

We have worked with different types of stone patio materials including flagstones. However the traditional red clay paving brick has always received the most glowing compliments from customers.

Not all brick are created equal. Since this area get really cold during wintertime, the brick we use are made with high quality clay and is fired

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Stone Retaining Walls

Stone Retaining walls have been a part of construction for thousands of years. Before the use of mortar and plaster became commonplace, farmers and primitive people piled loose fieldstones into what was known as a dry stone wall. These dry stone walls can still be found today, especially in Ireland and other parts of Europe.

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Paver Walkway

One of the most popular types of walkways is the stone walkway. The magnificence and magic of the stone walkway is only matched by its durability.

Hire Professional Stone Work to install one of these beautiful walkways in your home. Within a day or two you will have a Paver walkway that will improve the value

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Fire Pits

Because of their usefulness, fire pits have continued to be a fashionable item, in spite of the fact that there have been countless scientific innovations between when man first started using fire and the present. Professional Stone Work will build your fire pit in line with your individual wishes, and these include a broad selection

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Concrete Driveway

Asphalt and concrete have been the two popular choices for driveway material.

However, when it comes to sustainability and preserving the environment, few driveway-paving materials can match concrete. When you build a concrete driveway, you’re using abundant, sustainable resources including water, natural rock and sand, and cement, unlike asphalt pavements that are made with nonrenewable petroleum

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Flagstone Walkway

Laying a flagstone walkway can be a very good choice if you have a worn trail outside your home or you want to substitute an existing pathway with something nicer. With Professional Stone Work, installing a flagstone walkway is just a matter of choosing your style of flagstone and determining how you want the pieces

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Pools and Fountains

Outdoor living spaces will continue to be popular for many years to come. A backyard pool & fountains can add a charming show of cascading water to your space. If it’s tastefully done, it can potentially increase the resale value of your property by up to 15%. In the long term, this is a wise

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Outdoor Kitchens

Few summer delights are as enjoyable as a cookout. An outdoor kitchen can help you slow down and spend more time with family and friends by putting all the items for outdoor dining close by. Outdoor kitchens are much more casual than the indoor variety, and their design would depend on your family’s needs. Now

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Paver Driveway

Pavers are a popular choice for driveways / walkways. They are more durable than their concrete driveways. For paver driveways, small, individual, brick-like pieces are made into geometric shapes; and they are designed to look like stones.

We at Professional Stonework have years of experience building quality paver driveways. Here are some ideas to have your

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