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My name is Eduardo Pereira, proud owner of
A masonry company withover 22 years of experience in New Projects and Repairs.
No jobs is too small for us. We do all, repair or upgrading with
new style and materials. So, if you are looking to build a
new project or having issues that needs repair, send your message now and get a free estimate .

We Repair Loose Flagstones and
Mortar Joints on


Restore Your Entryway to Perfection.


Revive Your Pathways with Precision


Renew Your Outdoor Haven Seamlessly.


Revitalize Outdoor Spaces with
Expert Repairs


Enhance Your Space with
Impeccable Restoration.

Stone Mailbox

Restore your outdoor charm with
our expert stone mailbox repair services.

Our Services

We specialize in stone and outdoor structure services, including patios, driveways, stone retaining walls, and outdoor fireplaces. Our experienced team turns your ideas into reality, ensuring quality, durability, and beauty in every project.

About Us

22 Years Experienced

Professional Stone Work, with over 22 years of experience, specializes in expert repairs and new stone construction projects. Our skilled team delivers meticulous repairs and innovative new works, ensuring lasting and impressive results.

Professional Stone Work excels in both timeless repairs and innovative projects.

Professional Stone Work is a DBA owned by Going Green Landscaping Co LLC, registered with the Maryland State Department of Assessments & Taxation, with registration ID number W13023452. This affiliation underscores our commitment to quality and professionalism, making us a reliable choice for all your stone construction needs.

Project Done

Why Choose Us

Expert Craftsmanship

Exceptional expertise and skill for stone projects that impress. Specialized craftsmanship for lasting and high-quality results.

Innovative Designs

Creative and innovative designs that set new standards. Unique design solutions for stunning outdoor spaces.

Best Material

Utilization of the best materials to ensure durability and beauty. Superior quality in every detail, from material selection to project completion.

Before and After Our Projects

Transform your space with our projects: before, a mundane environment; after, a stunning location that reflects your vision. Our team delivers remarkable transformations for your satisfaction.


How We Work

We work with precision and expertise, crafting each project with meticulous attention to detail. Our commitment to excellence ensures superior results every time.


Contact Us

Please contact us at
240-644-4706 for more information and to schedule a consultation.



We visit your location to provide expert consultancy and detailed analysis.


Location Survey

We conduct location research to find the ideal spot for your project.



We follow a meticulous construction process to ensure quality and precision in every aspect of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a wide range of services, including stone patio construction, driveway installation, creation of stone retaining walls, design and construction of outdoor fireplaces, and more. commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident

The completion time varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but we can generally finish most projects within a reasonable timeframe and within the agreed-upon schedule with the client.

You can contact us at 240-644-4706 or fill out the contact form on our website. We will be happy to schedule a consultation and provide a detailed quote for your project.

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