Because of their usefulness, fire pits have continued to be a fashionable item, in spite of the fact that there have been countless scientific innovations between when man first started using fire and the present. Professional Stone Work will build your fire pit in line with your individual wishes, and these include a broad selection of styles and functions. Here are some reasons why you should include a fire pit in your backyard design:


1. Fire pits encourage family time

A fire pit can bring your entire family out for an enjoyable twilight bonfire or barbecue. Professional Stone Work will help you select the best place for your fire pit, ensuring that it’s in the shade, and on level ground. We will also confirm that no overhanging tree branches or other natural features will get in the way of your fire pit once it’s finished and ready for use.

2. Your fire pit will become the main attraction in your backyard

Our fire pits are carefully crafted from stone, and are aesthetically pleasing from all sides. We will design your pit so that the fire hazard from dry grass, brush or low tree branches is minimized. We also take your neighbors into consideration, and we pay attention to the direction in which the smoke is going to go. Still, you should never take safety for granted: always keep a fire extinguisher close at hand.

3. We at Professional Stone Work are happy to teach buyers about fire pit safety and precautions

We may not always be able to install a fire pit where you want it, because it violates local regulations and building code. However, we will work with you to choose a suitable site. Always remember to keep combustible items such as wood structures, and any flammable liquids away from your fire pit. Potted plants should also be kept away from fire pits, since the heat can severely damage them. If you’re using wood as fuel, keep in mind treated lumber can emit noxious vapors that are unsafe for your family and visitors to breathe.

4. Fire pits have multiple uses

Credit card and bank statements and certain receipts have a way of falling into the wrong hands. Not any more if you have a fire pit. Some people also use their fire pits when they tidy up their gardens, to burn fallen leaves and other biodegradable rubbish. Of course, you and your kids can also have traditional fun roasting chestnuts and marshmallows on your fire pit.

Outdoor fire pits bring all the fun of a warm campfire in a contained area in your backyard. These fire pits, which are designed specifically for small fires, offer ambience and warmth in the comfort of your outdoor leisure area. Make sure you follow all of our safety precautions, and our fire pits will give you many years of backyard fun.

Fire pit safety and regulations in Montgomery County, Maryland

The following information was obtained from Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service website. You can view the original source here.

Regulations for Using Fire Pits, Fire Bowls and Chimineas in Montgomery County, Maryland

  1. You must have permission of the land owner.
  2. There must be one person at least 18 years of age to assume responsibility for the use of these appliances.
  3. A permit from the Fire Marshal or the Department of Environmental Protection is not required.
  4. Use in accordance to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Once you purchase this appliance, keep these
    guidelines in a safe place for future reference.
  5. Use of Fire Pits, Fire Bowls, Chimineas and similar portable devices must be at least 15 feet away from any building or structure. Keep a clear area (clear meaning free of anything that can burn) of at least 3 feet in diameter around the appliance. Please remember that mulch can burn so keep your appliance at least 3 feet away from mulch as well.
  6. Do not use or store Fire Pits, Fire Bowls, Chimineas or similar devices on a balcony or deck.
  7. Burn only aged dried wood. The burning of any type of construction material or trash is prohibited.
  8. Do not use any type of flammable or combustible liquid at any time.
  9. Have a garden hose connected to a constant water source available close by.
  10. Smoke is not allowed to cross property lines. Be mindful of the wind speed prior to starting this type of fire.
  11. Do not use on Code Orange or Code Red Air Quality days.
  12. Dispose of all ashes in a safe manner. After 24 hours has passed, all left over hot ashes must be thoroughly dampened, cooled and stored in a metal can that is used solely for ash storage. Ashes that
    are 2 or 3 days old may appear to be safe, but can still retain enough heat to cause an unwanted fire. Do
    not discard hot ashes in a compost pile, paper bag cardboard box or anything that is combustible. Also,
    be careful in handling partially burned wood. The wood may still be smoldering and cause a serious

Please keep in mind, that if the Fire Department is contacted and determines your situation to be a fire hazard, the Fire Department can require you to extinguish your fire.

If additional questions arise, please email The Fire Code Enforcement Section at